Why is it a Good Idea to Link-up Your Hearing Aid to Your Smart Home?

Woman connecting her hearing aids to her smart home.

You might recall the phrase “world of tomorrow,” which was used to depict the brilliant future that technology was envisioned to bring to society. A technology “golden age” is here now and that includes contemporary hearing aids.

Having the capability of connecting to your smartphone, TV, or computer is something that most modern hearing aid models come with. This permits you to hear these devices better and also creates a more pleasant environment for individuals around you who are too polite to tell you to turn down the volume on the TV.

While these technological properties are perfect for entertainment applications, some hearing aid wearers find the features too complicated and frequently don’t set them up. However, this could wind up being a costly mistake.

Create Another Layer of Security With Enhanced Connectivity

According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the smoke detector can’t be heard by a substantial number of people over 50. Are there any rooms in your home where it would be hard to hear your smoke alarm? Even with hearing aids, this can be a concern. Luckily, this life threatening risk is already being reduced by new technology.

The public is getting access to new technology that is being manufactured every year. New hearing aids are able to connect to fire alarms that are a component of your smart home setup. This will enable you to hear the alarm from every room in your home. The technical technique is very similar to how hearing aids stream audio from your tablet, TV, or computer to your hearing aid. One difference, however, is that when you connect your hearing aids to your smoke alarms, it could save your life.

Smart Home Doorbells Can Connect to Hearing Aids

In addition to enhancing safety, there is great entertainment value in having your hearing aid connected to multiple devices in your home, but the current movement in smart home technology is at your front door. Doorbells that can connect to Wi-fi are turning up in more and more homes. The benefit of these doorbells is that they feature video and audio capabilities.

That’s one more device in your smart home that your hearing aid can connect to and that’s great news. Not sure who’s at the door? You would know instantly with a wi-fi connected doorbell, which would transmit audio straight into your ear.

Why is it Worthwhile to Ensure That You Get it Set up?

Many individuals fail to use these features because they take a bit of time and effort to set up. But if you want a more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable life, you need to understand that connecting your hearing aid to your smart home can help you have it.

The best part? We can show you how to use these features when you purchase your hearing aid. If you’re still struggling with the settings when you’re back at home, each hearing aid manufacturer has abundant online resources to help you understand the set-up process.

To sum up, if you’ve bought a new hearing aid with wi-fi capabilities, you’re losing out if you don’t set them up.

Is it Time to Update Your Hearing Aids?

If you have older hearing aids they probably don’t have very good connectivity options. In addition, there are numerous technical improvements that are made every year to improve the all-around audio quality of hearing aids. If you’re having trouble with hearing in particular settings or want to explore some of the new features you’re missing, schedule an appointment with us to improve your hearing and your quality of life.

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