Sign language app for kids… and adults!

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American Sign Language (ASL) is now available on mobile apps. The app is called iSign ASL and what makes this app extra cool is that a 3-D character shows you each particular gesture. You can see the movements from different vantage points so you have a more thorough way of grasping each particular sign.

This app is great for kids because it helps improve motor skills and has the advantage of giving children the ability to communicate with the hearing impaired. The app is especially kid friendly with ASL sign categories ranging from sports, clothes, and food.

iSign is a great introduction to the world of American Sign Language. iSign was created for children; therefore it is quite easy to understand for adults. iSign is absolutely amazing because it helps foster understanding and communication between those that are hearing impaired and those that can hear!

Courtesy of American Academy of Audiology and David Smriga, AUD NET

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