Love, Marriage and Hearing Loss

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If the key to a happy marriage is good communication, then what happens when you take away the ability to convey thoughts, share feelings, ideas, hear and respond because of hearing loss?

The relationship is bound to suffer…sometimes even crumble. According to research, this happens more often than you would think.


In a British study of 1500 people (a decent size sampling) that had some hearing loss, this is what was found:

44% of relationships with family and friends suffered because of hearing loss

34% had lost touch with friends, and in some cases, had seen marriages fall apart, as a direct result of the communication breakdown caused by hearing loss.

69% said their hearing loss hindered their ability to participate in everyday events, and 52% of those said they felt left out or ignored in social situations.

Women (72%) were found to be more affected by social exclusion due to hearing loss then men. I have seen this also over the years of practice as an audiologist.

49% said that losing their hearing was the worst thing about getting older.

Here in the US, 48% of Baby Boomers said their marriages had suffered because of hearing loss…and 65% said they felt annoyed when their spouse cannot hear (and thus respond to) them.

So… why? If there is a problem, why does it go so long untreated?

Turns out denial is a big stumbling block.

Because hearing loss is considered a problem with aging, if you deny the hearing loss, then can we get away with denying aging? I suspect some take this position.

In fact, hearing loss is not a product of aging. In fact, hearing loss is prevalent in 1 out of 10 of Americans… all ages. There are many reasons for hearing loss, including noise, genetics, smoking, health issues, and trauma. 

If denying aging isn't the problem, maybe the issue is cost? If aids range from $1,000 to $3,250 per aid, then that is a significant amount. However, if you consider the cost of NOT treating hearing loss and its repercussions in your relationships, it maybe be worthwhile to consider that over a 5 year period that aid will actually cost only $3 a day. 

So now, there ya go… plenty of reasons why you should use hearing instruments and understanding the “stuff” that gets in the way.

Being able to communicate is pretty important for us humans..

And just remember…a HAPPY marriage, good quality of life, and hearing instruments go hand in hand! 🙂

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