The most awesome thing just happened to hearing aids

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ConnectLine Microphone is a new addition to Oticon’s family of Bluetooth (TM) solutions. 

As a wireless companion microphone, ConnectLine Microphone helps with one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations by improving signal-to-noise ratios for the instrument user.

To the majority of people, this email blast would go unnoticed. Audiologists get blasted with marketing and new releases constantly, and, like you, get numb to it with the business of life and work.

But this little announcement is a really big deal…especially to me.

Audiologists have been talking to manufacturers for a long time about the problems people have in hard to hear situations, such as dining out with friends, noisy backgrounds, etc.  FM met that need for some, but it was a pretty pricey option, not to mention kind of clunky.

With the advent of Bluetooth, Oticon now has met that need for couples wanting to communicate with greater ease in a restaurant, the car, or anywhere! And it is easy, not complicated, even kind of cute.

My excitement is for those patients that want a super easy fix to an age-old problem: one that is not only effective but affordable.

I am also pretty excited because I get to use it personally.  My hubby has a severe hearing loss and already benefits from the “Streamer," the Ipod looking device for Bluetooth connectivity. In his business, it is critical for him to hear. Not only does he hear in both ears when he is on the phone, which improves understanding, but now it will be so much easier for him to hear in the car, or at home when I am on the computer and ask him a question when he is in the kitchen (yes, this is a terrible thing for an audiologist wife to admit to the world, but it’s a marriage and I have that gene).

Now manufacturers are producing an excellent product with the ability to connect to your near and far world much easier, look good and get your life back.   

And at an entry level price point. Wow.

Good for them.

P.S. My mic should arrive today. I will post our experiences on this blog so stay tuned.

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